Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The Crocheted Throw Continues...!

Hiya! I hope the Bank Holiday treated you well and you spent it doing lots of things you enjoy! We did a bit of cycling, a bit of running, a bit of barbecuing, too much shopping (it was payday...!), plenty of cocktail-creating, far too much giggling at this video, and I also managed a couple more squares of my crochet throw! The magazine seems to have caught up with itself now - I've suddenly had a tonne of them through the door and have plenty to be going on with (including some comfy-looking socks that I might begin soon as they'll probably take me until Christmas to finish!)!

The most recent squares have been these two - the blue is a half-treble and is nice and dense (and square!), and the yellow one (maize, apparently!) is a ribbed treble stitch that doesn't really show very well, but it's very nice, I promise!

I've also begun a third, which promises to be really pretty when I manage to untangle myself from the various coloured cottons...it was really tricky to get, but satisfying when I finally did! There are more rows of bobbles to come, in yellow, blue and cream. I like it!

So here's the throw so far...it's taking shape at last!

I also finally picked up this monster from the Post Office...

It's a paper punch holder with 36 tiny punches in some really cute shapes! A teeny tiny cow! An aeroplane and a helicopter! An elephant!

I actually bought the punches below originally, without realising you need the holder thing to make the punches work, and then found the entire set for less than I'd bought the separate punches for, so I now have these twelve little paper punches going spare if anybody wants them?! You can use them without the holder, it's just really fiddly - but you can also buy the punch for a couple of pounds on eBay, so if anybody wants the spare punches, you're very welcome to them - just leave me a comment! Waste not want not and all that!

What did you get up to over the Bank Holiday?


kayc said...

Your throw is going to look great when it is finished. Lovely punches! Kathleen x

Jo said...

I love the blue one with the little pink star :) it's gunna look great when it's done.
I got very drunk... oh so very very drunk.

Louise said...

LOVE the paper punches in so many amazing shapes! Thanks for your comment. If you fancy a brooch, I've got some x

Louise said...


;-) big thank you x

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