Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Special Offer for Wrapped Up With String Readers!

Hello again! Two posts in two days? Gosh! This is a good one, I promise ;-) after I featured one of their wall decals on my Etsy Finds blog post last Friday, Josh from DesignersUnited got in touch to offer you lovely readers a very generous $20 discount on orders over $100!

Check out all the beautiful designs on offer!

Unfortunately, they only ship within Canada and the US but if you Etsy / Folksy convo me, and pop 'Designers United' in your message, I'll give you a 20% discount off anything in my shops!

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

A Big Old Photo Post!

Hello there! What did you all get up to over the weekend? Some of you were probably enjoying the sunshine and tunes at Glastonbury (my dad was there...yes, he is cooler than me), some of you were I know being very energetic and competing in various athletic events, some of you were probably being disappointed by the football and some of you were probably doing a selection of the above!

Myself? I went to a summer ball, drank far too many cocktails, rode the dodgems in a floor-length gown, visited a petting farm, gymmed a couple of times and watched far too much Spartacus: Blood and Sand - standard weekend behaviour!

As a result of all this debauchery, I've done very little in the way of creativity to show you, but I do have a few photos instead - I hope you don't mind! There's currently an offer here to get 50 photos developed for free, and as is the way with digital cameras, I realised I've not printed any out for over a year, shock! So today whilst sorting through photos, I had a bit of a round up of the last year, and thought this might make up for my lack of new bits and bobs...enjoy my silly faces!

My family and I started off last year with a trip to Budapest for my mum's 50th birthday (I love this photo of my sister!)!

I spent last summer volunteering for an environmental charity, creating things from willow and making lovely new friends!

I graduated from my MSc and was forced into the obligatory hood-shot!

Oliver graduated for the first time within the RAF, as an officer!

Oliver and I went on the most amazing trip to Rome - there was history displayed on literally every corner (oh and an amusing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car that we almost managed to wedge between two bollards...)!

Oliver's brother and his wife got married in a beautiful beach-themed wedding (aww!)!

Oliver and I had a festive trip to Berlin and saw an elephant in the snow!

We had a couple of trips up to Edinburgh, one of which included a polar bear, the other a shark!

My mum, sister and I took my dad to Dublin for his 60th birthday!

And here are a couple of ball shots from the weekend!

I haven't featured photos of anyone I thought might not like to appear, but if you do want to be taken down, let me know!

What are the highlights of your last year?

Friday, 25 June 2010

Etsy Finds Friday - Congratulations!

Hello! I hope you're all well! Today's handmade finds are dedicated to congratulating Oliver on his graduation to pilot yesterday, yay!!

I had to look a bit further than Folksy this Friday, as there's very little in the way of handmade aircraft memorabilia on Folksy, but as it's a special occasion, I decided that a little branching out would be allowed - today's finds are from Etsy instead! As always, click the photos to visit the item's Etsy page!

I cheated with this one...but they ARE helicopters, and they ARE beautiful!

Congratulations, you :)

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The Throw Grows...!

Hello there! I hope you all had jolly good weekends filled with at least a bit of sunshine! I visited some lovely friends, blew some imaginary bubbles with babies (mine were green!), did some pretty funky dancing with the same babies, went to the (RIDICULOUSLY windy!) beach, flew kites, ate far too much delicious food and drank Lambrini (oh yes!) amongst other things!

That's me flying a kite!

The kites later had a fight...

I saw this piece of artwork in the restaurant we had tea in and absolutely loved it:

It says 'Touch Me' in Braille and is by Liverpool-based artist Leon Ellis Jakeman (read more here and here!)...if I had £240 spare, it would have been mine!

I also managed to complete another couple of crochet squares, hurrah! I LOVE the dotty one, even if I did manage to get myself completely muddled up throughout...

So the throw now looks like this! I'm loving the purple and the granny square especially, hopefully there'll be more squares like that!

I am currently fighting with the most recent, which almost reduced me to tears of frustration yesterday, and I'm only four rows in...

Do any other crocheters out there just HATE changing colour? I'm awful at it, invariably get myself in a massive knot and have a strop...yes I am a child! Any tips would be greatly appreciated, I can NOT do it!

What did you get up to? Did it involve any stropping? No? Just me then...!

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