Saturday, 5 June 2010

Sounds of Saturday!

Hello! After discovering a lot of great music via other bloggers, I've been thinking of doing a regular music-based post for a while. People who know me well will have a bit of a giggle at this, as I have notoriously...erm...eclectic (!) taste in music, and will pretty much listen to anything, BUT I have music on all the time, wherever I am, wherever possible, as loudly as possible (especially when crafting!), and music is certainly a way of expressing creativity, so I think it fits okay with Wrapped Up With String! I hope you think so too!

Now I know most bloggers have Music Mondays, but I can never listen to people's choices on a Monday as I'm generally reading blogs on my lunch hour in an office, so I'm going to host Sounds of Saturday instead - that way everyone can fully enjoy my random selections! The alliteration also cleverly works for both days of the weekend in case Saturday doesn't work out - like it? Ha!

As always, click all photos to go to their sources (disclaimer - I do NOT frequent the Daily Mail website, but I do love that image!)!

So to begin I've chosen Florence...ahhh lovely Florence! I know you'll almost certainly have heard of her, but I love her, and her newest song just blasted out of the radio (the poor little kitchen radio does get some abuse when I'm cooking...!) and inspired me to finally begin this feature, so I thought she'd be the best choice to begin with! She's also beautiful, funny, creative, lovely, incredibly talented...and she has fantastic hair (shallow? me?)!

Here are a few of my favourite Florence and the Machine tunes! Open the windows, whack the speakers up obnoxiously loud and enjoy!

I love her! What are your sounds this Saturday?


E is for Eleanor said...

I adore Florence so much. Have been listening to alot of Laura Marling and Mumford and Sons recently too!

Trains and Sewing Machines said...

Ooo she's so good! Love it, thanks for sharing :)

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