Friday, 28 May 2010

Big Blog Card Swap - The Cards!

Hello! I hope you're all well :) I am feeling rather blue today after failing my driving test yesterday (first time...second time is for winners, right?!), but looking at all the beautiful cards swapped during the Big Blog Card Swap and realising what a success it was has perked me up - I thought I'd show you the cards, as well as a cuter-than-cute message from our youngest swapper! Go check out their blogs (and you can also click the images to go to the designer's own pages)!

This is the card that Vicky sent to Kellie, mentioned in this post:

Naomi sent Vicky this pretty, mentioned here:

Marice received this stunner from Mary, and blogged about it here:

And Marice sent Jenny this cutie, and blogged about it here:

Kellie sent this card to Naomi (who's made a Big Blog Card Swap round-up post here!):

Hilary sent Hannelore this printed pretty, which is mentioned here:

I received this beauty from Helen, and blogged about it here:

Hannelore sent this geometric lovely to Yvonne, who blogged about it here:

And Sarah sent this recycled shabby chic card to Pam, who blogged about it here:

Last but certainly not least is Pam's bright explosion, which she sent to Myfanwy, who blogged about it here:

Gosh what a lot of links!

I also got the loveliest message from Jenny, the mum of my own swapper, who said: 'Thank you on behalf of my daughter Dakota for the card which arrived today. Dakota is nearly four and she loved undoing the string, unwrapping the paper and the beautiful ladybirds on the card. I asked her which special person she was going to send the card to, and she replied that didn't want to send it to anyone and to keep it for herself!'...aww! Her email made my day! Unfortunately I didn't photograph my card before I sent it (goodness knows why, I photograph everything at the moment!), but it had tiny wooden ladybirds on a leaf, and the hand-stamped message 'Just A Little Note...' - I'm overjoyed she liked it!

There were so many new ideas to inspire everyone - thank you all so much, swappers! If you're a swapper whose card hasn't been featured here, let me know and I'll add it! There was a great response, so hopefully Naomi and I will organise something together again - she's been a great partner in crime!

In other (highly irrelevant) news, I painted my nails green today...then realised they match my bike haha I've gone a bit bicycle mad!

What have you been up to this week? Have you had any successes? Failures? Tell me your driving stories and cheer me up!


happynessinacan said...

I managed to run out of fuel on the dock road yesterday with loads of ANGRY traffic surrounding me... you've got it all to look forward to when you pass :P

(This is Garnet btw)

Bluebelle said...

What an adorable message, that is so cute! I love the nail colour too, so pretty.

Kellie said...

thank you again Sarah for mentioning my card, i really enjoyed the swap...but was prob the last to post anything, (sorry Naomi)x

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