Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The Throw Grows...!

Hello there! I hope you all had jolly good weekends filled with at least a bit of sunshine! I visited some lovely friends, blew some imaginary bubbles with babies (mine were green!), did some pretty funky dancing with the same babies, went to the (RIDICULOUSLY windy!) beach, flew kites, ate far too much delicious food and drank Lambrini (oh yes!) amongst other things!

That's me flying a kite!

The kites later had a fight...

I saw this piece of artwork in the restaurant we had tea in and absolutely loved it:

It says 'Touch Me' in Braille and is by Liverpool-based artist Leon Ellis Jakeman (read more here and here!)...if I had £240 spare, it would have been mine!

I also managed to complete another couple of crochet squares, hurrah! I LOVE the dotty one, even if I did manage to get myself completely muddled up throughout...

So the throw now looks like this! I'm loving the purple and the granny square especially, hopefully there'll be more squares like that!

I am currently fighting with the most recent, which almost reduced me to tears of frustration yesterday, and I'm only four rows in...

Do any other crocheters out there just HATE changing colour? I'm awful at it, invariably get myself in a massive knot and have a strop...yes I am a child! Any tips would be greatly appreciated, I can NOT do it!

What did you get up to? Did it involve any stropping? No? Just me then...!


libys11 said...

im in love with your crochet squares!!! fantastic!! :D great colors!

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Bluebelle said...

I love watching your blanket grow!

maricesworld said...

I'm SO jealous of your kite flying, I'm lucky if I manage to get the kite above my head and I'm only 5ft! Loving the colours of your new square, and nope i don't crochet, I couldn't possibly take on another hobby unless I build and extention for my stash lol ;0)

pearlslaceandruffles said...

I'm glad someone else likes kites! I feel like a big kid when I take mine out over here lol. xo


Gillian said...

The braille art is awesome, I would love something like that on my wall too!
I love the purple crochet square with the dots too :)

Alex said...

Oh how much fun does the kite flying look?!

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