Friday, 18 June 2010

Folksy Friday - Home Sweet Home!

This seems to be the time of year for moving - lots of my friends are moving house, moving jobs, moving on...I can't wait to have a little house of my own to fill with lots of pretty things and have enough space to make a mess and still be able to get into bed, ha! So this week's Folksy Friday is a Home Sweet Home theme - lots of things to celebrate moving and to make a new home yours!

What would your ideal house be like? How would you make it your home?


Beedeebabee said...

Such a sweet post, and a lovely collection of goodies! :) An old Victorian would be my dream home! Have a fun weekend...and I love your bicycle basket! xo Paulette

Deanne said...

hi sarah thank you so much for featuring my wall art on your post, means a lot and i've blogged it also :)
I'm loving the snail button card too lol xx
Have a lovely weekend x

Gemma said...

Cute snail card! Love the bag too. ideal home. Not sure. I love this maybe this one with a few less cracks and a bigger garden!

Skooks said...

I just moved into an Arts and Crafts style house that's 105 years old! :D

I love it even though it's not necessarily the house I always pictured. I think that your home is what you make it no matter how it starts and I'm already realizing that the work will never end! ;)

Skooks said...

P.S. I am in love with that heart at the end of the post but I don't live in the UK. :(

Anonymous said...

Thank you featuring my heart mosaic!

Lovley picks. The vase covers are so pretty and so practical!


Sarah said...

LOVE IT!! I'm moving soon too, I have so many ideas, I'm going to be spamming my blog with them! I can't wait, it's been a very long time coming.

And I used to have the little wooden village set in the pic 3rd from the bottom!!

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