Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Happy Happy Two Thousand and...Heaven?

...well it kind of rhymes! I'm feeling terribly optimistic about 2011 - I can just tell it's going to be a million times better than 2010 in every way, and it's already started well with trips to see friends, sunny weather, plenty of swimming and a tidy house (it's the little things, yes?)! ...and one thing that always makes me feel positive is PLANNING!

I've never really made New Year's resolutions, besides the boring-but-necessary aim to eat more healthily and do more exercise, but this year I have lots of little things I want to do, and I've been inspired by Kate of earth vs. the wild heart to share them...which will definitely ensure I do them...definitely!

Aims for 2011!

- make at least one new thing every week, and share it! I made lots of my Christmas presents (and have a few more to finish...ahem!), and I would have loved to have shown you them, but as each one of them took far longer than expected (of course!), most of them needed wrapping and giving IMMEDIATELY after they were finished! My first project of 2011 will be, of course, thank you cards :) I'll show you soon!

- teach myself Spanish - my GCSE just isn't cutting it!

- run a personal best half-marathon - WITHOUT MOANING!

- find a swimming event I really want to do...and do it!

- learn to park haha I pinched this one from Kate's list but it's a serious need!

- share my Meat Free Monday meals with you - which in turn means making something other than pasta and pesto for Meat Free Monday!

- save, save, save! With cuts left, right and centre (well, mostly just right, let's be honest...), who knows what's going to happen, and I want to be careful, just in case.

- learn to knit!

- plan! Lists, diaries, timetables...they make me happy and I sleep better at night!

Of course, to help me with my new organised lifestyle, I did need one last indulgence - this pretty diary from PoppyMeadows ;) well, how could I resist that fabric?!

What are your aims for 2011? I hope so so much that it's a happy year for everyone :)


Jenevieve said...

Happy new year! Lots of great goals! Looking forward to seeing what you make on meat free mondays, I really need ideas! The parking one made me laugh! :-) x

Sophie said...

There's a good(ish) chance that me and Garnet may be going to this:


(I need to learn to swim in the sea without being sick/scared)...so if you want to come along you're more than welcome!

Soph xx

Sarah said...

I love Llandudno! But I don't own any outside swimming gear and have about 1p to my name so put me down as a maybe and I'll research some bargainous local training clubs, kit etc :) x

Lizzie_ said...

Happy New Year :)

I think my biggest resolution is to learn to use my mini sewing machine. Is it wrong to be scared of it? :S x

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