Monday, 31 January 2011

Cath Kidston, Mini Sew! Review

Good evening! I have a little crafty preview for you tonight - the new project book Mini Sew by Cath Kidston, published by Quadrille (£9, paperback).

It comes in a pretty little folder complete with templates and patterns for all the projects in the book, and a sweet vintage-style pin case that my mum especially enjoyed!

I tried out one of the projects so I could practise following the instructions and do it justice when reviewing, and I attempted this pretty iPod case for my friend Amy's going away didn't turn out exactly like the pattern, but I was definitely proud of the finished article!

- it's beautifully presented, with pretty photos and lots of inspiring projects to try - even if you don't fancy a shower cap, everyone needs an oven mitt!
- it's a good, handy size for keeping around whilst you're working - I have project books that are so big and cumbersome that I practically need a spare table to keep them on, but this is neither
- it starts off with the basics and runs through them in a nice, simple but not patronising way
- the little folder is handy for carrying around extra traced patterns and a pencil (and the notes I made for this review!)
- it's great value for money, coming with all the patterns, templates and the little needle case
- it encourages the use of leftover and vintage fabrics
- the extras are both pretty and handy
- there are 41 projects to try! That's a lot for a little book! They include cushions, blankets, a hot water bottle cover, homewares, bags, pinnies, decorations...and plenty plenty more.
- each pattern has a little tip for altering it to just how you fancy it

- some of the projects are much more complicated than they need to be - I scrapped the extra bias-binding around the top and drawstring ends of the iPod case because they were so fiddly (this may simply be a case of Cath Kidston having a lot more patience than me...probably!)
- the instructions would benefit from a few more sketches / ongoing photos in case of confusion
- the seam allowances were too small for the batting, outer fabric and inner fabric to be stitched neatly (this was from my mum!)

I was delighted to be sent it, and I'd definitely buy it to give as a gift! I might dedicate a full day, rather than a couple of hours for future projects, though, so that I can spend time working them through. All-in-all, it's a great value book, which is a joy to look at and slightly more of a challenge to work from!

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