Thursday, 20 January 2011

This Week, I Have Been Mostly Making...

...thank you cards! For the people I didn't get chance to say thank you for my Christmas presents to in person (yes, I realise it's almost a month since Christmas - shh)!

I love the designs on these papers, plus they're recycled and eco-friendly ones I got in the sale! I did what I always do - save lovely papers for a particular project (always as-yet undecided), so I used them instead of hoarding them, and I really like how the cards came out - what do you think?

I also made a birthday card, but that's not yet been received (actually, neither have these cards...shh again!), so I won't show you just yet :) what have you been up to this week? Do you have anything fun planned for your weekend?

1 comment:

Lizzie_ said...

I love the one with the little birds on :)

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