Monday, 17 January 2011

A Treasure In The Attic!

So I wrote before Christmas about a treasure that we'd discovered in the attic of our new house, and the lovely Ellie of Pretty Much Penniless requested to know a little more - so this is for you!

We found this beautiful old Hohner Student accordion in fantastic condition, in its original box and perfectly tuneful - our friend Garnet gave us a very festive rendition of Good King Wenceslas (I can imagine our neighbours were delighted)!

It also has 'T. Turnbull, Mulberry Rd, Northfleet, Kent' in pencil on the strap...

...and a practise book dated MCMXLVII, which Google kindly informs my uneducated self is 1947, with Lynn Turnbull and Miss Ardley's names written on the front!

I love it! We didn't want to just shove it back up in the attic forgotten, because it's lovely just to look at, if not to play (I didn't want to aggravate the new neighbours TOO much!), so it's remained in pride of place in its open box in our living room, and I feel happy every time I see it!

We also discovered an enormous old school desk, which I've cleaned and polished and adopted as my work-desk (no more rickety picnic-table!), some old Oscar Wilde books, a telephone table, two prams and a high-chair, a mini figurine of Lara Croft who ended up on the Christmas tree (!) and a scribbled note on the floor where the ladders live saying 'Keep Clear, By Order of the Ladders!' heehee

We'll have to put it all back up there when we leave, but for now, our cosy little home filled with other people's lost treasures is staying that way :)


E is for Eleanor said...

Wow wow wow! Thank you so much for the photos, this is the best attic find I've ever seen! It's probably pretty valuable too. And it works? That is just brilliant.

The school desk sounds great too :)

Jessica said...

Hi, I'm here by way of "Oh So Crafty" (she's my mom!) & I love that your work desk was a rickety picnic table! I did the same thing until last year - I had a flimsy plastic picnic table & whenever I sewed the whole thing shook! My mom gave me an old computer desk, that someone gave to her, which I now use instead. :)

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