Friday, 7 January 2011

A Shiny Folksy Friday!

Today's Folksy Friday was inspired by something silly and a little bit sad that happened on our way back from our festive trip (which was was beautiful, special, snowy and very festive - I would recommend Krakow to everyone, so don't let my silliness affect any holiday-making decisions you may be making!)...we got delayed overnight, and in my rush to shove everything back in my bag at four o'clock the next morning, I stuck my little bag of silver jewellery in a side pocket and when we arrived home, it wasn't in the side pocket any more :( silly arse!

Although it wasn't worth a huge amount altogether, there were pieces I'd picked up in Thailand and Germany, and gifts from Oliver, and I was a little weepy for a while BUT every cloud and all? Because silver is also a colour I've always associated with the new year, and on a happier note - look at all this beautiful jewellery!

I'll show you some Poland snaps soon - including the now-infamous-to-some sea-lion that I fed somewhat illegally...he was awesome! :)


E is for Eleanor said...

Oh you poor thing, losing your jewellery :( I would be devastated. I love those little weather symbols! x

Jenevieve said...

Poor you, I would be upset too, most of my jewellery has some sort of memory attached to it, so losing it is so upsetting! I'd love to go to Krakow, sounds like such a nice place! Love the Folksy jewellery! :) x

Sarah said...

Oh gosh, can't believe you lost all your jewellery, that's so upsetting! Although I suppose it is an excuse to buy more. I hope you didn't lose anything too precious to you?

Thanks for featuring me too my love!

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