Saturday, 22 January 2011

Sounds of Saturday - Emma's Imagination

I think I'm a little late to the party on this one, but Claire of French for Cupcake posted one of Emma's Imagination's songs on her blog the other day, so I investigated further, and I really like her! She's a Scottish singer who won Must Be The Music, and definitely worth a listen or two :)

What's your Sound this Saturday?


Lizzie_ said...

Rather guiltily mine is George Michael today. Id love to say its some up and coming beautiful person. but not today! George. :)

Helena said...

Hi Sarah!

Re the Craftrak cards again(!)

Be careful before you buy any more! I have been unable to access the site at all. I don't know if they have closed down the whole thing. It would be a shame if they have, it seemed such an exciting idea! Alas though the site just won't upload :(

I made 6 cards, too!!! I will have to cut off the front part and make other cards with them!

My sound today- I am humming Christmas carols. ANgels from the realms of glory seems to be the main one. I am always behind everyone else.

Teri Coleman said...

Yeah I watched Must be the music and was really pleased she won! And she writes all her own songs! A very clever and special girl! I'm over to you tube now to catch up with her latest songs! thanks for posting and reminding me :-)

martka858 said...

I watched Must be the music too, and i think she is verz very good.

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