Monday, 24 January 2011

Oh, Comely

Good evening! Tonight I'm declaring my love for, and spreading the word about, the beautiful and charming magazine Oh, Comely, discovered for me by my partner in gin-and-crazy-dancing crime, fullofmarketingcupcakes, and much sought after by us both ever since!

It's published every two months and available in WHSmith, although sometimes it takes a good old search to find. This bi-monthly search, and the subsequent delight when I find it is one reason I love it, but there are plenty more, and I thought I'd share them with you in case you haven't seen it yet, because it's really worth sharing!

As well as crafty tutorials...

...there are quizzes (my results have included a fish knife as well as milk, cookies and a siesta),

...beautiful photoshoots,

...delicious recipes,

...lots of new music to sample,

...pretty letters pages,

...and fantastic giveaways (we won this set of mirrors! woo!) from a wide variety of sources,'s also got excellent writing, interesting interviews, well-placed, unobtrusive and relevant adverts, toaster reviews and lots of lovely articles about things you didn't know you didn't know. It seems to last perfectly until the next one arrives, and there's an article for whatever kind of reading I feel like. I just love it! You can also start from the beginning (I hate starting in the middle!) by getting past issues online right here! How incredibly convenient!

Have you been Oh, Comely'd yet? What are your reckonings?

PS. I have stolen Miss essbeevee's super advice for photo editing this evening - thank you!


Becky said...

I adore Oh Comely! It's pretty much perfect.

Rachelous said...

I love it too :)

Lizzie_ said...

I might have to get on that! Im always in need of things to read on my lunch, as i only get 30 mins i need something i can dip in and out of other than the M&S home catalogue and Ideal Home magazine. There might be a theme in there somewhere!

Narayan Pillai said...

You have a very interesting blog sarah and your work is very nice. Beautiful cards!

Cait said...

I must find myself a copy, it looks darling.

Cait x

Trains and Sewing Machines said...

This looks wonderful! I'm off to check it out :) Thanks for sharing!!

Sarah said...

Your photos look lovely! I love Oh Comely, it's such a gorgeous magazine. Makes me think that if all of us bloggers made a magazine, it'd be like that. So pretty!

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