Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Oh, People Tree, How I Love Thee...

Just a quick little post declaring my love for People Tree! I know I don't often grace Wrapped Up With String with outfit posts, because that's not really what I blog about (there are plenty of far-more immaculately dressed bloggers out there that I'd much rather look at!), but this People Tree frock ticks all my ethical and environmental boxes, and I love it, so I had to share!

It makes me feel very Mad Men, and if I had matching skyscraper heels and the patience to craft a beehive, I would have gone full-on Joan Holloway, but this was for tea and drinks with Oliver's parents, so it might not have been the most appropriate! It's 100% cotton with just the right amount of stretch, perfectly-sized, and I heart heart heart the neck detail...

I might let down the hem just a tiny bit in the future, just because I'm not that fond of my knees and it would finish off the Mad Men effect! Otherwise, it's perfect - it even has comfortably-sized arms for those with *ahem* swimmers' arms like myself...!

And just look at the box it came in! It was also delivered really quickly and packaged in handmade paper - tick, tick, tick!

Dress: People Tree / Belt: Swished / Hair Clip: Crown & Glory / Tights: Pretty Polly / Shoes: Dunnes / Bracelet and Earrings: Gift / Spectacles: Specsavers!


Rachelous said...

I love People Tree and this dress is so pretty, love the bow neck detail too! And the packaging just looks too cute to throw away! x

E is for Eleanor said...

That dress is gorgeous on you! I love it! Off to have a little nosy now... x

Anonymous said...


Ayeisha said...

Lovely hair colour!


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