Tuesday, 11 May 2010

I Love Your Blogs! ...And A Winner!

Hellooo, I hope you've all survived the dullest day of the week and that your Tuesday is sunny and productive (or rainy and lazy, whichever you fancy!)! Hopefully mine will be too...(I haven't decided which, yet!)!

Today I'm going to share (some more!) blogs that I love - Joanne of But Enough About You was kind enough to nominate me for an 'I Love Your Blog' award, aww! Joanne and I went to school together, got into plenty of mischief and her blog makes me giggle every day, so go check her out! Thanks Joanne!

I thought I'd use this award to nominate new blogs I've found recently - I've nominated lots of other blogs I love here and here - but I keep finding even more great reads! So today are more recent finds (though I still love you all, too!) that make me think 'ooooh!' when I notice a new post.

The Red Rosette has lovely outfits, amazing accessories and beautiful hair...win win win!

Karla's Closet is probably only new to me, but she inspires me to make an effort every day and make some attempt to look as amazing as she does!

fullofmarketingcupcakes is my friend Danielle's cupcake-based marketing blog! She's just started it, but it promises to have great marketing tips as well as marketer of the month features, and she bakes the best black cherry gateau muffins in the land...mmm!

Leaves In The Spring is my partner in Big Blog Card Swap crime, and she's just lovely! I love her photo montages and delicious recipes.

Ruffles And Stuff posts the most generous tutorials and giveaways, and I want to try everything!

Kitchy Coo makes the most beautiful childrens' clothing and also makes me giggle with hilarious stories about Scottish weather and mischievous children!

Daddy Likey is another one I'm slow on the uptake for, but she makes me laugh in almost every single post...I particularly like her High Fashion Haikus, Imagined Conversations With... and, erm, Chocha posts...I'll let you investigate for yourself!

Thaw is not actually a blog, but a book written as a blog, and it's keeping me hooked...I can never wait for tomorrow's post.

left hand endeavor consistently posts beautiful smiley photos and adorable vintage outfits!

Q's Daydream Vintage is another vintage blogger and also sells incredibly covetable clothing and accessories...I want this 1960's Leather Saddle Bag pretty darn badly!

Go check them out :) which blogs do you love? Shameless self-promotion is positively encouraged :-D

Oooh! And I almost forgot to draw my winner...

Comment number 5 was Skooks of Skooks' Playground! Well done you! Thanks everyone for entering!


Kitschy Coo said...

Thanks very much for including me! I (scandalously) hadn't heard of any of the others you chose and will duly investigate now you've recommended. I love that Pugs Not Drugs bag :)

Q's Daydream said...

Thank you so much for the award! I'm honored! So happy to have discovered your blog too :o)

Skooks said...

Nice list. I've only heard of one on your list! Off to check them out.

Hooray for winning! :)

Jo said...

Aww, aren't we lovely :D I love that you used my eyeball picture hehe. Great list m'dear, I shell checking them out.

Bluebelle said...

Aww, thank you! That's so sweet! :) I will go check out these others!

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