Friday, 14 May 2010

A Couple of Little Projects...

I did manage to be a little productive on my day off, in between swimming, napping and eating my dad's fish pie...mmm!

I made a wedding card for my cousin and her new husband! The gold looks a bit...erm...mucky (!) in this photo, but it's much softer in real life. They've (literally) just got married on a beach in California, hence the shells!

I made a birthday card for another two-year-old (see the similarities to the last one?)...I love the primary colours and big shapes - it definitely appeals to the two-year-old inside me!

And I started hand-stamping ready for the next project...I wonder what the event might be...?!

Have you been being productive lately? Or are you more in favour of procrastination? I feel a healthy balance is best - which generally involves crafting to Glee (have I mentioned my obsession recently? It's growing in intensity, I can barely wait for the next episode...)! I realise this must look odd to my neighbours - a 23 year old in her pyjamas jigging around the living room? Too cool for school...! My new favourite characters are...

...LOVE them!


Crafty Green Poet said...

I love the wedding card, very creative idea!

I made a whole load of upcycled crafty things as gifts for people who came along to my book launch so yes I've been productive! Now to concentrate on poetry for a while!

craftyjemima said...

They're 2 of my favourites too! "Did you know that Dolphins are just gay Sharks?" Hillarious! My neighbours are well used to this 23 year old jigging around the living room in her pajamas. We should start a group or something.

Nerys :)

Jo said...

I LOVE the wedding card! Such a lovely idea with the shells.
I have been horrendously UNproductive lately. Our flat is an absolute disgrace!

Huiyi Tan said...

ur wedding cards are really sweat! Kurt Hummel is also my recent favourite glee character :D

Bluebelle said...

Oh I love Brittany! She is hilarious..."I'm pretty sure my cat's been reading my diary." I like Sue too though, she just comes up with the most fantastic insults!

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