Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Birthday Presents and Granny Tea Parties!

Hello! I hope you had a lovely weekend and had some of the beautiful weather that seems to have given everyone I know a healthy glow! Thank you so much everyone for the birthday wishes, they warmed the cockles of my heart and made me feel very special, so thank you!!

We had a weekend in Liverpool this weekend - and I used one of my birthday presents whilst I was there as it seemed pretty apt! I really do <3 Liverpool...it's one of my absolute favourite places, especially when the sun's shining!

We did some sunbathing, some pasta eating, some cocktail drinking and some people watching - there's nowhere better to people-watch than Liverpool, literally every single girl looks immaculate (except me, obviously...!), I love it!

I also rode my new bike!! Ahhh look at it in all its glory...I'm in love! It's beautiful, floral and very ladylike (keeping up the pretence, oh yeah!)!

And I wore my new helmet - also beautiful and very ladylike - now all I need is some floral panniers!

...but until I get them, this pretty pretty Cath Kidston bag fits perfectly in the basket!

And I finished off the weekend icing and then eating (some of!) this monster of a carrot cake (recipe from the Hummingbird Bakery via Afeitar's post - it was amazing!) at fullofmarketingcupcakes' granny tea party! I learnt that I am rubbish at Scrabble, but it's pretty tricky when all you have is J, Z, K, G and three I's...I was well up for N'Dubzing-up some wordz, but apparently that is not allowed...boo!

What did you get up to?


Bluebelle said...

That sounds like a lovely weekend, and I love your ladylike bike it's adorable, like something from an Agatha Christie.

Jo said...

Glad you had a good birthday old frube! I Looove your shiny new bike, especially it;s lovely green colour :)
That cake looks deeeeelish. I love homemade cakes.. there's a new bakery in Pudsey behind my flat, it's called The Blueberry Bakery on Robin Lane, next to the butchers.. they do AMAZING cakes, all homemade, and so cheap.
Would you beleive I;ve never been to Liverpool?!

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