Saturday, 8 May 2010

Cosy Weekends

Hello! Apologies for my rather brief post on Thursday - I've just had my days at work increased and it seems to take up sooo much more time! Good for pennies and for more responsibility, bad because it enables me to go for cocktails with the lovely fullofmarketingcupcakes...! Actually, that's not really a bad thing!

Anyway, today I thought I'd share the beautiful card I received as part of the Big Blog Card Swap. It's from Helen of Fuel For Body And Soul, and I absolutely love it!

Isn't it pretty? It's an embroidered butterfly onto a quilted fabric piece. I've never considered embroidering, or even using fabric really, as part of a card design, but this has inspired me to give it a go! Inspiration was part of what we hoped the card swap would bring, so thank you so much, Helen!

We did a bit of impromptu baking today after deciding the weather didn't merit any effort deciding on a place to visit!

Chocolate fudge cupcakes with chocolate chips and fudge icing - mmm! They're not the most stunning cupcakes in the blogosphere, but they certainly tasted delicious! Munch! Now I'm off to make something delicious for tea - this in fact! I don't imagine mine will look much like that photo, but will hopefully taste yummy! What are your plans this weekend?


Lizzle said...

My weekend is pretty lame as all i really have is revision and uni work :(

your cupcakes look yummy!


Jo said...

Mmmmm cuppycakes! They look yum Sarah. I love that card! I love cards with fabric or something a little different.
I went to Leeds yesterday to go birthday present shopping for Ste, last night we went to my mum and dads, today nothing planned.. I fancy going for a run down the woods seeing as the weather is half decent, then cleaning our pigsty of a flat!

Trains and Sewing Machines said...

These look AMAZING! Yum :) This weekend we had a garage sale, went to the fair for a friend's birthday and will go bowling and make supper for my mom for mother's day :D
Thanks for the comment!

maricesworld said...

What a beautiful card you received from Helen, (I'll go and have a look at her blog after this) thought you'd like to know I've received my swap card and I know my one has been received now too, just posted about it on my blog. HUGE thanks to you and Naomi for organising it x

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