Sunday, 25 July 2010

Sounds of Sunday - Peter Gabriel

Hello! Happy Sunday! A Peter Gabriel 'Sounds' post has been a little while in coming - it was inevitable, because I love him, but I held off because it was a little predictable! I didn't really have a chance not to like him...I was born the day after his 1986 album 'So' came out (it's definitely still a favourite!), and my dad had to miss a concert (on the TV!) because of my arrival...his music has been around much much longer than I have, and has always been around our house...his videos were groundbreaking when they came out, and remain inspirational...he's worked with hundreds of amazing artists both mainstream and more unconventional and he set up WOMAD and Real World Studios to celebrate them. Also, he's a little bit bonkers, in a similar way that Björk, Kate Bush, Annie Lennox and many more of my favourite artists are...example:

Anyway, stop harping on Sarah...I love him, and here he is!

An Elbow cover of Mercy Street on his next album? Woop!

What's your Sound this Sunday?


Skooks said...

Fantastic! PG is still one of my favorite singers of all time. I could never get sick of So and it has yet to get "old" on me. Love him!

Josh Healy said...

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Gillian said...

I first came across Peter Gabriel when I heard 'In Your Eyes' played on the Say Anything movie soundtrack (which is pretty much my favourite ever film haha!). He has so many great songs!

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