Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Crafty Weekend Activities!

Hello! I hope you had chance to enjoy some sunshine over the weekend! We spent Saturday getting some holiday essentials (more on that soon!) and then I enjoyed the lovely weather again on Sunday afternoon whilst visiting one of my friends' voluntary projects, Herbs and Dragonflies, a local (to me!) community group who aim to get more children interested in gardening and wildlife.

They do loads of really fun activities that encourage children and their parents to get involved with the environment, and I love it because I get to join in too, hurrah! On Sunday we were decorating tote bags at a local allotment site to encourage people to take reusable bags to the shops with them. I kept mine simple, but (I like to think...!) effective, ha!

My artistic skills were stretched, as you can see! It was a great idea (especially as Kathy got some green bags when she found out I was coming!) and it's definitely going in my handbag to minimise the frequency of those 'argh!' moments when I realise I've forgotten a shopping bag! Visit Herbs and Dragonflies' Flickr here and blog here - and come along next time if you're in the area! It's great fun!

Another event I'm getting involved in soon is the Farsley Clothes Swish on the 30th July. As well as the clothes swapping, there will be lots of lovely craft stalls...including my debut - I'm very excited! I've been making lots of new cards for my stall (I'll show you them soon!), using up the bits and bobs I don't have many of - one of the benefits of a stall as opposed to an online shop, I guess! - and thinking about how to present it all. I wanted to decorate my stall with something representative of Wrapped Up With String so I've begun a crocheted garland - what do you think?

It's only little so far, but I'm going to crochet lots more tiny shapes (including hearts if I can ever get the hang of them!) and hang them along some parcel string to decorate the front of my table...fingers crossed I'll have it done in time!

The swish is in Farsley, Leeds, and of course the more people there are, the better, so if you're in the area on Friday 30th July, find out more and buy your tickets here!


Jenevieve said...

Just visited the herbs and dragonflies blog, looks like a good idea! I wonder if there is anything like that near me!

The garland sounds like a good idea, hope you manage to finish it in time!

Btw I noticed one of your favourite films is Cool Runnings, mine too! :)

Gillian said...

Herbs and Dragonflies sounds like such a great project!
I love the idea of a crochet garland, it looks super cute!

richelle jean said...

i LOVE the crocheted garlands!! i want one!!! :)

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