Monday, 19 July 2010

Rose and Raven Giveaway Spoils!

Hiya! I hope you all had a lovely weekend - what did you get up to? I had some exciting news at the end of last week...Rachel of Rose and Raven emailed me to let me know I'd won her beautiful Bird on a Perch necklace, and it arrived on Thursday, just in time to be packed!

What actually happened was that I got a phone call at work from my sister telling me I had a package and that she absolutely MUST open it before she burst from anticipation (this happens a lot in my house)...and then another very excited message to say 'It's a little bird necklace! It's beautiful! Can I have it?!' - she's 22! No, was my resolute answer - I love it! To save you from my amateur photography, here's the necklace in it's true glory:

Rose and Raven (visit their beautiful shop here and blog here!) sell 'whimsical, nature inspired and vintage style jewellery handmade in the UK' - and it's all gorgeous! Take a peek at these beauties (click the images to go to the items!):

Thank you, Rachel! I'm sure there'll be lots of holiday photos featuring my new little friend!


Lucy said...

How beautiful, going to check out the website now! :)

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh, so pretty! Definitely checking out their site!!

Rose and Raven said...

I'm so glad you like your necklace Sarah and thanks for the lovely blog feature too. Rachel xx

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