Tuesday, 6 July 2010

New Crafty Bits!

Hello there! This is a little bit late - more mid-week than usual! - because of an impromptu long weekend! I did get around to making a couple of little bits I thought I'd show you!

First a couple of new home cards for friends who are moving! I really like the orange one - the blue one is nice, but I think the little house is a bit big! Future ones will be modelled on the orange one! Soon to be in my shop - this is definitely the time of year to be moving!

I've managed to complete a few more squares, too! The red one was an absolute nightmare to get the hang of - I started and re-started and re-started about six times, always getting almost halfway through thinking I'd definitely figured it out this time only to be bitterly disappointed (I realise that this is highly melodramatic for a crocheted throw, but, honestly, it was a right fanny!)...but I got there in the end, hurrah! The cross-stitch on the yellow one was also a bit of a pain, but only because I was too busy watching Spartacus: Blood and Sand - it's pretty hypnotising, in my defence! And check out my lovely new granny square :)

So the complete throw (so far!) now looks like this! I can only just fit it on the table - I'm going to have to find somewhere else to photograph it soon!

Look! My little pile is getting bigger!

Have you been getting along with any new projects recently?


Sophie said...

I've almost started a painting (for the first time in 5 years ish!)

...and by started, I mean I've taken the plastic cover off the canvas!!

Garnet said...

I like the blue house

Sarah said...

Taking the plastic cover off is the most difficult part! What are you going to paint?


Sophie said...

Oooh, I don't know yet - I kind of liked that Apache print you posted a bit ago so I might do something inspired by that...whatever it is it shall be geek art!

In other news, have you noticed that Lucretia in Spartacus is Xena Warrior Princess??

Sarah said...

Oh yes, that's what drew me in from the beginning! I bloody loved Xena haha it took Oliver a good while, though! 'Is that...? Ohhhh!' I do wonder sometimes!


Jenevieve said...

I like your crochet blocks. I just learnt how to crochet last year, but haven't had much time to do anything yet. Your squares are looking really good, what patterns are you using?

Gemma said...

Great crochet and cute cards too

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