Wednesday, 21 July 2010

New Cards and Crochet!

Hellooo! I mentioned last week that I'll be having a stall at an upcoming clothes swish, so I thought I'd better get making some new stock to fill it up with! The good thing about selling on a stall is being able to create pieces from bits and bobs that I don't have many of; ones I've collected from various craft fairs and charity shops in small quantities, like these pressed flowers I got in a sale!

Also featured - a spare bit of shiny paper from a Roses chocolate! Reduce, reuse, recycle!

I also managed to learn how to crochet a couple of new shapes for my crochet garland, which is looking like this so far (I even stitched in my ends for you this time, aren't I getting good? ha!):

I love the tiny heart and the butterfly, although I think I might make another butterfly in just one colour for this particular garland, and use this little chap for a different project - what do you think? I really like the muted colours I've used for the garland, so I'll make him in just plain green to blend in!

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