Monday, 29 March 2010

Mini Review: Craftrak


I ran (well, half-ran,'s a bit of a tale!) a half-marathon yesterday, and I'm still feeling rather out of it, so I thought I'd do a little post about a card that popped through the letterbox last week!

Isn't it cute? I had no idea where it had come from, until I turned it around, saw the code on the back, and remembered that a couple of weeks before, I'd signed up to Craftrak, 'a handmade card trading system which allows cardmakers to send and track their cards all over the world, and automatically receive a card in return for every one they send' - sort of like a business card trading system for cardmakers!

It's a great idea, encouraging cardmakers to make and trade cards with each other to get their work known within the crafty world, and using the code on the back, you can also track where your cards have reached. However, the reason I haven't yet sent any of my own out is that you have to buy the A7 cards with the tracking codes on in order to join in, which works out at around 25p/card and 4p/envelope plus a stamp to send it with, which does seem pretty expensive (and a bit wasteful) when I have reams of spare card I could use to make my own for free, and write the tracking code on the back myself if the website allowed.

I like the principle of it, but not the cost, so I probably won't be purchasing any of the tracking cards just yet. However, if you would like to join in, it does seem like a friendly, supportive online community, and all you have to do is:

- Buy the blank tracking cards
- Design and make your card
- Photograph and log the card on the website
- Send your card!
- Track all your cards through automatic alerts
- Make new friends and share ideas

Have any of you joined Craftrak? What have been your experiences of it? If you haven't joined, what do you think about it?


Alizabethy said...

I have bought a pack of the cards but made my own envelopes and it is fun making a card but having no idea where it will be sent to!. Several of my cards have been forwarded on to others and so far 1 card has been through the hands of 6 people!

Helena said... sell a pack of 20 craftrak cards for 80p and 50 envelopes for 50p, so this is much cheaper.

I bought some but haven't been able to get onto the site, can't even open the link. I don't know if that's because it's closed down or because it's too busy. I have made half a dozen cards to go on there. Hey ho!

I googled craftrak and found a link to this post on your blog :)

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