Thursday, 25 March 2010

Bits and Bobs!

Hello! Today I wanted to show you a couple of custom orders I've made for a friend - I haven't had much time to make anything new recently, so today was a lovely escape, and I'm glad my friend gave me the motivation to get making again - it would have been very very easy to have a duvet day with a book (and maybe Cool Runnings...ha!)!

Anyway - just a couple! The first is a variation on the Mother's Day card I made, which was really successful, and I used up most of my supplies, so (naturally) I had to purchase some more...!

And the second is a bright Easter card - can you see the similarities?? I tend to find if I'm designing and making a few different things on the same day, they all end up being a variation on a theme - I guess it's inevitable once you've got one lot of supplies out! I really like the little eggs on this, even though it took a few attempts to get them the right shape!

What do you think?

I mentioned the other day that a (different!) friend had made me some beautiful earrings and here they are! They're paper beads on copper wire, and I love them! Although I am currently terrified of losing earrings, since my pain of a scarf keeps catching them, and I've lost loads of single earrings over the winter, boo! Earring backs, here I come!

Aren't they lovely? I've told her I may steal her paper beads idea to make some out of the insides of envelopes, which I currently have stacks of - watch this space!

I also wanted to show you these little stamps Oliver found for me!

Because I make cards, which are pretty disposable (after the event, hopefully!), whenever I give or sell a card, I do wonder what happens to it once it comes down from the mantelpiece. I'd be much happier knowing it was going to be recycled or turned into another card (no card escapes in our house - if I don't turn it into something, my mum will!), so I thought I might stamp a little 'recycle me' note on the back of the card to remind receivers to think about where their cards go.

I need to get some mounts for these stamps before I can use them, but I thought I'd share my idea and see what you thought of it - would you think twice about what happened to your card if it said 'recycle me' (or hug a tree!) on the back, or on the envelope? I'd love to know what you think!


Skooks said...

You know what, Sarah? I totally would! You should definitely start doing this.

shellbell said...

your stuff is so lovely! i just wanted to let you know that i've featured your etsy shop on my latest post :)

have a good one!

Sarah said...

Thanks so much! I'm on my way for a peek!

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