Thursday, 1 April 2010

Happy Easter!

Hiya! Today I thought I'd show you a couple of things I've been making recently!

First a little Easter card for my friend and her children - I think it's a bit busy (I decided this after I'd stuck everything down...) but I do really like the colours!

And then the next square for my throw! A granny square this time - I love how it turned out!

So here's my throw so far...I don't really like the pink one in the middle; I don't think I got the tension quite right, and I'll probably pull it out and redo it in the future, but it took such a long time I just can't bear to yet!

We're off to Liverpool for the weekend, which will hopefully involve seeing some friends, plenty of snoozing, eating some chocolate, a nice spring jog or two and an Easter egg hunt if I can convince Oliver to embrace his inner child!

I also might have a look at getting a bike, ready to cycle to and from work to make the most of any nice weather! Something nice and ladylike (to keep up the pretence that I am ladylike, obviously!) like these lovelies (click photos to go to source)...

I imagine this must be from a film, given his bloody nose, suit, and determined look in his eye, but I'd love to think Harrison Ford rides around on a pink flowery bike!

What are you up to for Easter?


Bluebelle said...

I love the green bike. It looks like it belongs in a Miss Marple or something.

maricesworld said...

Yeah for bikes! I don't have a car, we all cycle everywhere...much more fun, only downer is we live on a hill but it's way better than chugging around in a petrol guzzler! ;0)

Sarah said...

I don't drive yet so I either walk or get the bus everywhere, and it takes such a long time to get anywhere - plus if I buy a bike before I can drive, I'll be much more inclined to cycle even if I do have a car! Now which one....?!

Anonymous said...

that blue cruiser is to die for! And such a good price too! I'd suggest having a look on ebay, I got a gorgeous 1978 Raleigh for under £100 there!

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