Thursday, 18 March 2010

Change the World in Your Pyjamas!

Hello! Today I thought I'd share the website Help From Home, which promotes 'easy home based micro volunteer actions that benefit so many worthy causes'! Their mission is to inspire people to volunteer their time for worthy causes from the comfort of their own home - sounds good, yes?

You can choose from 'charity', 'green' or 'advocacy' volunteering, and each volunteer action is listed by the time-taken to complete, the impact it has and the cost (everything I've seen is free!) and given a pyjama-rating, indicating how much effort is required to complete it - most of the actions have a 100% pyjama-rating! You can track your actions, and also print off 'Do Good Cards' to pass around and inspire others to give their spare time!

So go on, have a click! Here are some of my favourite green actions:

- Morsbags - make reusable bags to handout, encouraging people to use fewer plastic bags - you can even print out cute labels to sew in them!

- Read It Swap It - set up a 'My Books' list and 'Wishlist', and start swapping your books for new ones!

- The PB&J Campaign - this one fits in well with Meat Free Mondays!

- Freecycle - give away your unwanted stuff to people who'll love it all over!

- The Billion Tree Campaign - pledge to plant a tree and help fight climate change!

- EcologyFund - sign yourself up to a free email address - 50% of revenue from site advertising goes towards protecting land.

There are hundreds more in many different areas - have a look here now!

I also wanted to show you my latest crocheted square for the (slowly) developing throw - this one is done in a scallop lace stitch, which is really just chains and treble crochets combined. I didn't really like it at first - it's simple enough and quite nice to create, but it looked a bit 'old-lady' when I began it, especially if I imagined it being any bigger than the square. It's grown on me, though, and I think it'll look quite nice combined with the rest of the squares! With and without flash so you can see the detail - here's the throw so far...!

In other news...I'm slightly embarrassed to admit, it was inevitable, but it's finally got me, I am now a fully paid-up Gleek - I spent Monday crocheting and watching the entire series so far...oh dear!

When I grow up, I want to be as well put-together as Miss Pillsbury!

Let me know if you do any of the volunteer actions at Help From Home!


Lucy said...

This post is so inspirational, I defintely need to try the book swapping one! x

Miss Natz said...

Nothing wrong with being a gleek!
The pb and j campaign looks good... if only I liked peanut butter!

Skooks said...

I, too, have been sucked in. I got the whole first season of Glee on Netflix and even got my husband in on it. Ridiculously funny.

Also, I should tell my daughter that she is being super eco-friendly eating all those PB&Js. :)

Sarah said...

I covet all of Emma's outfits on Glee, she's so cute and prim!

Sarah said...

Me too, I love her! I can't wait for the next episode tonight - Glee and FlashForward, who needs the sunshine?!

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