Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Long Weekends...

Hello! What did the Easter bunny bring you all? I think this Easter must have been a record - I have eaten a ridiculous amount of chocolate, and there's a whole lot more to go...oh dear!

Here's what was waiting for me at the end of my Easter egg hunt (yes, I convinced Oliver ha!) - he was hiding underneath the garden table! And daffodils, aww!

Although on Thursday night the prospect of a long crafty weekend stretched out before me, I have (inevitably) managed to create not a thing to show you over the last four days, oops! Have you had slightly more productive Easter weekends?


Jo said...

Sarah, I adore your crafty blog :D
No, sadly not. Errrm.. I tidied my room? Then I kinda messed it back up again... I did plan to give my whole flat a proper clean but instead I spent a lot of time running and sitting on my arse reading books and generally doing bugger all.


Bluebelle said...

Not at all productive! I bought the same flowers for my mum for belated mother's day gift this weekend - lovely photo!

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