Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Crochet Throw Update!

Hello! How was your weekend? Wasn't the sun lovely?! I went to stay with Oliver up near York and I burned my face whilst feeding goats ha! We also saw some newborn lambs (aww!) and the most beautiful spaniel puppy, which I wanted to steal - I think the puppy's owner knew it, too! He looked just like the grey ones in this photo (I daren't take a photo of the actual puppy, I think his owner already thought I was going to run off with him!), and made me long for a dog even more!

I managed to do plenty of crocheting in the evenings, too - whilst watching Ratatouille, in fact (I loved it, I am such a child)! I finished another two squares of my throw, though I have to admit I'm not that impressed with the designs...

The tension was perfect and the squares themselves are really neat, but the cross-stitch looks a bit naff, especially on the white one - it looks like it's a bit drunk (or I was when I made it...I wasn't, promise!). It was a bit annoying to do; I pulled it out and re-started it a few times, and this was by far the best attempt, so I'm not sure if I can be bothered to try again - I might just hide it in the throw beside some nicer squares!

Anyway, here's the throw so far!

I love the granny square more and more each time I look at it - I might try crafting some other items using the granny square technique, although with the beautiful weather I'm not really in the mood for warm clothes! Perhaps a crochet bikini?

Perhaps not...

What did you get up to over the weekend?

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maricesworld said...

OMG where did you find that bikini? LOL :0D

I'll join up for your card swap...i'll be in touch later on, my 'to do' list is growing by the second ...not enough hours in the day, marice x

CupcakeLodge said...

That bikini just made me laugh. a lot. haha!
I wish i could crochet. mine always looks a bit of a mess... although i did once crochet a flower that was quite nice! I may start again (yet another distraction).

I saw a crochet cupcake the other day and reaally wanted to make it, alas my skills are not up to it!


Jo said...

Hi Sarah! Aw I adore York. I'm going next month twice, I can't wait :) Spaniel pups are gorgeous, I love them! I can't wait til me and Ste can get a dog.
I love the white square with the pink diamond, the throw will be ace when it;s done.
Hahaha I say go for the bikini! Or make crocheted fruit and send it in to Harry Hill's K Factor!
My weekend was good.. I went to a party with an open bar. Enough said.

xoLauraox09 said...

The throw looks great so far! I wish I could do that.
Great blog, I'm following.


Pink Sherbert said...

I love spaniel puppies, they are just sooooo cute!! I also love York, one of my favourite places to be! I'll be there at the end of the month for my sisters birthday. xx

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