Thursday, 21 January 2010

Valentine's and Crocheting!

Gosh! I do love my days off work, but I always seem to have so much to do that they never really seem like days off! I love it though - I just wish I could do it full time! Today I've been making lovely new Valentine's cards (and the pretty butterfly one above, too!) - let me know what you think! Most of the Valentine's cards are made with the same recycled maps as in this post, and I think it makes them a bit different - like the hearts are little footprints looking around the map until - ooh! - they find the big one! Maybe :)

I'm also really excited because of something that popped through my letterbox earlier (actually...I think my dad answered the door to get it because it was massive ha...details details)...

Yes, I have stolen that image right off the version came slightly more crumpled, but no less exciting!

I've been trying to learn both crocheting and knitting for years - starting, getting cross, stopping, starting again, getting cross again and stopping again - without much success, but when I saw the (admittedly rather cheesy) advert for this over Christmas, I decided it must be mine! Unfortunately it wasn't in any of the forty-seven shops I searched, and so when I was getting desperate, my boyfriend sourced it and subscribed for me (aww...the romance of crochet!) and it finally arrived this morning, woop!

This first issue comes with a DVD, a crochet hook, two balls of wool and two magazines - one for the basics and the other full of different patterns to this evening, I WILL teach myself to crochet! And I'll let you know how it goes!

Apparently after 120 issues, I'll have crocheted this throw! The magazine is monthly, so that will be in ten years's worth a try!

There's also a far more concise (ie. much less wittery!) post about the magazine from Lolodesigns if you want a full peek of what comes with it!

Have you any crafty (or otherwise!) challenges you really want to overcome?


Laura - Emerald Green 88 said...

I feel bad for some of the grannys I saw buying the crochet magazine in WH Smith the other day, they didn't look like they'd last 10 years to finish it!!

Sarah Kathryn said...

Haha so they've got all the copies! I bet they can all flipping crochet already, the devils!

LuliBags said...

I love those blankets, I was recently looking at them on eBay...cheat I know. Good luck with yours. The cards look gorgeous.

Sarah Kathryn said...

Thank you! I started (trying) to crochet last night and it's really addictive, so it may not take ten years, you never know!

Ariella said...

Wow! That is amazing. I wish I was more crafty in every sense since I feel that I don't really do anything crafty. Those Valentine cards look superb!

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