Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Train Ticket Mini Tutorial!

Hello! I'm back from a chilly (but Bailey's-warmed!) trip to Dublin! I'll post some photos on Thursday!

I thought since lots of people are probably having snow days, and perhaps a bit of extra time as a result, I'd post a little crafty project I did with my sister during our snow day last week. Having a boyfriend in the RAF and friends and family in pretty much every major city in the UK (and not driving...yet!) means I have a sackload of these:

My sister's training to be a SEN teacher and has lots of little tricks up her sleeve, so when I asked her what she would do with a massive pile of train tickets, she suggested making them into a mini mobile:

Here's how - I have it on good authority that this is fun to do with kids, and it's also fun for grown-up kids! All you'll need are some train tickets, a needle and thread and a slightly larger rectangle of coloured paper.

1. Fold your train ticket in half along the shorter mid-line, orange side in.

2. Fold the corners of the folded end up into the middle to meet each other.

3. Turn around and fold the rectangles up on either side to meet the triangle.

4. Fold the corners of the rectangles in to make them match the shape of the triangle - tuck them in, but separately from the triangle.

5. Pull the bottom of the triangle apart and fold the two opposite corners to meet each other - flatten to make a square.

6. Fold the open corners back on themselves to make another triangle.

7. Again, pull the bottom of the triangle apart and fold the two opposite corners to meet each other - flatten to make a square.

8. You'll have two 'beaky' triangles making up your square - pull these apart and flatten your little boat

9. Push the two ends back together slightly to make your boat 3D!

10. Knot a piece of thread a couple of times near the end, and (after poking a hole with your needle) pull it through the top of your boat. Thread 3-4 little boats onto each thread, knotting where you want them to sit (this is a little bit fiddly). I did 3 threads of little boats.

11. Make one larger boat from your larger rectangle to hang your threads from, and here you are!

What are you doing with your snow days (and your old train tickets!)?

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