Monday, 25 January 2010

Pretty Parcels, Wrapped Up With String

Hello! I hope you've all had a lovely weekend - I've spent mine crocheting and wrapping up parcels to send! My Valentine's cards have sold really well, which I'm absolutely delighted with, since I only started this in November! But I also love seeing my parcels all wrapped up and ready to send; I love getting parcels in the post - I hope the recipients love these!

I thought I'd share some of my crochet with you - from the slightly rubbish, to the slightly better, to the one I'm pretty happy with!

This first one is a double crochet (I think!) - I pulled it out and started again about three times, and the edges are still pretty wonky, but I wanted to keep this as my first bit of (mostly) successful crochet! This is the practise wool that comes with the magazine, and it's not the prettiest colour but at least you don't mind making a bit of a mess with it!

This one is two rows of half treble crochet (that was by accident - it's a good job my mum can read instructions, because apparently I can not!) and then two rows of treble once I'd realised and felt rather a fool for insisting I was doing it right...

And this one is the first square of the throw I mentioned in my last post - in a slightly nicer colour! This pattern is two rows - one of double crochet, then one of alternate double and treble crochet, repeated. I pulled it out and started again, but only once, and I'm really happy with the result...I can see the throw materialising (slowly) before my eyes!

It turns out the magazine is actually WEEKLY, rather than monthly, as I thought initially, so the throw will actually take two years instead of ten (yes, I feel a bit silly!), which makes far more sense! I'm really chuffed with my new skill, I thought I'd never manage it - crocheted scarves for Christmas presents next year? I think so!

Have you overcome any crafting (or otherwise!) challenges? What were yours?


LuliBags said...

Well done, your crochet looks really good. Beautiful parcels, very inspiring. I thought mine looked ok, but think I need to up my standards! Ha. Lx

Sarah Kathryn said...

Thank you! I might try crocheting something a bit more challenging than a square next time! The parcels are just brown parcel paper and and recycled haha x

Heather said...

Your Valentine's cards are great!You could make the coolest crochet quilt by adding through squares biggest crafting challenge is simply having enough time and being a perfectionist. Creativity needs to be free flowing!

Sarah said...

Time is one of my biggest issues too, there never seem to be enough hours in the day!

Aya Smith said...

I just love the way the parcels are wrapped! I have a "thing" for wrappings, or presentation rather... I think it means a lot and really warms the heart of the receiver :))

♥ Aya

Sarah said...

I love your packaging! It's quite similar to how I package the jewellery for my etsy shop - and when I came up with that, I totally had Julie Andrews singing about brown paper packages tied up with string in my head! (So how could I not love your blog title?)

I love your stamps too - getting stamps made up is on my to-do list at the mo. Where did you get yours done?

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