Thursday, 19 November 2009

Love Affair With Hair Accessories

I love hair accessories; flowers, bows, buttons, slides, bands, bobbles, enormous, tiny...all of them! I think I've got more hair 'additions' than I have clothing to wear them with...but since they're only small, I can fit a few more into the collection!

I'm currently wishing I had enough pennies to buy each and every one of these (click photos to go to source)! And also wishing that they were all in the UK so I could justify purchasing them...I think some creating might be in order!


Fuelling my button obsession (I couldn't resist these!):

Fabric folding (I fancy trying my hand at this!):

I have a few items that currently need finishing off - I keep getting halfway through a project and realising what will REALLY make it perfect is something I don't have...but I'm going to explore the delights of the market later on today to see what I can find, so I'll hopefully have some new hair accessories up on Etsy and Folksy in the very near future!

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