Monday, 9 November 2009

It's The Beginning!

Hiya, I'm Sarah!

This is my graduation in July...I was a bit excited...!

I've enjoyed making things for as long as I can remember, and my intention with Wrapped Up With String is to sell ethical, sustainable and handmade cards, gifts and decorations from Wrapped Up With String.

Whilst I try my hardest to be an aware ethical consumer, I find it really difficult when so many high street shops hide more sneaky policies behind ethical and environmental ones, and many of the ethical options around are well out of my price range, so I guess this is my response!

Everything at Wrapped Up With String is made with recycled or locally-produced materials as far as possible, and I also aim to produce as little waste as possible; all paper waste is (re-)recycled, whilst all fabric waste is put in a 'rag-bag' and given to a local charity who can then sell it on.

All products are supplied in recycled cardboard packaging, and wrapped up with string, because everyone loves a pretty package in the post!

This is my blog! I hope to update regularly with crafty 'how to' posts, craft material and tool reviews, my favourite sellers and things that inspire me, as well as any interesting ethical and environmental information I discover!

Email me! I'm more than happy to create bespoke designs in as short a time as possible; any occasions can be catered for: Email me!

I'm also on Twitter: wrapwithstring

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