Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Inspiration Post: Nice Things That Happen

This is a bit of an odd story, but it has a happy ending and it inspired me, and I think that's a good reason to write it down.

On Monday lunchtime, my dad, who works from home, was sitting in the kitchen when a man rushed down the road with his hand all covered in blood - he'd been putting some leaflets through people's letterboxes and got bitten by a neighbour's dog, and he was asking for a tissue. My dad helped him clean it up and decided it was pretty bad, so he drove him down to the Accident and Emergency in town, where his friend was going to meet him, then came back home.

We were sitting eating tea (dinner? only if we have company - I'm from Yorkshire!) when there was an almighty knock at the door - it was the man from earlier, who'd only got out of the hospital half an hour before, and come to bring my dad flowers and chocolates to say thank you...he was unbelievably grateful (and unnecessarily apologetic for bleeding all over our floor!), and kept thanking my dad over and over for looking after him. He has to have surgery on his hand but it should be okay.

He'd spent all day in hospital but he still wanted to come back and thank my dad, and it made me feel so happy that people who've never met before will and do help each other out, and that despite all the miserable stories proliferating the news, you can rely on people when you need them most.

My dad had asked me earlier to make him some Christmas cards (my mum makes her own!) and as the flowers were wrapped in really nice green and brown paper, I decided a nice way to send a bit of this nice feeling around at Christmas would be to include it in the cards, so I did!

They're not the most extravagant cards I've ever made, but they don't really need to be; they're quite little, sweet and festive and they have the little tokens of paper on, which carry a bit of what I think Christmas should be about!

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