Sunday, 29 November 2009

Cupcake Couture Goodies!

I won a giveaway on Cupcake Couture a couple of weeks ago, and my goodies arrived on Friday - thank you, Rani! I love love love getting things in the post (even boring things like brooch backs and fabric glue ha!), so I was delighted to investigate the contents...

...Dermalogica goodies! Wash Off, All Over Clear and Welcome Matte SPF15 - I'm going to be sparkly clean and clear! My skin has been a bit nuts since my final year at uni (got to love eczema!) and I tend to survive solely on aqueous cream and Simple products, so it'll be extra nice to try something new!

...a lovely little notepad! I have an A4 pad (recycled paper, of course!) to write down ideas for things to make and blog posts, but it's too big to fit in most of my handbags and tends to get a bit squished, and here's my answer; a portable one for writing down spur-of-the-moment ideas! And how cute is the card?

...aaand a MAC sample! Woop! If/when I have the time, I really enjoy wearing extra special makeup, especially eye makeup, and I have a couple of MAC products that I love (Shadestick in Sharkskin and pigment in Violet), but I rarely have the time or pennies to dedicate to a proper collection, so it was lovely to add this to it! It's a pigment sample in Provence which Rani suggests as a highlighter - the photo doesn't show it off particularly well, but it's really sparkly and lovely and I'm looking forward to using it as soon as I have the right occasion!

Thank you!

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