Thursday, 12 November 2009

Inspiration Post: Buttons!

I love buttons. I love their different shapes, sizes, colours and textures and how they can change a piece of clothing or a card or a brooch so dramatically. I love the noise a big pile of buttons makes when you run your hands over them, or a big jar of buttons when you shake it...and then when you inevitably drop the jar and spill buttons everywhere...!

I especially love second hand buttons used in different ways, and since starting Wrapped Up With String, I love how buttons inspire me to create things using them - my grandma recently gave me an enormous jar full of buttons, and I’ve since been adding them to pretty much everything I’ve made...I’ve gone a bit button mad!

These aren’t quite finished yet but should hopefully be up on Wrapped Up With String really soon, in a variety of guises!

How beautiful are these?! Who wouldn't love a Barn Owl Button? Or a Cherry Pie Button? Maybe a Unicorn Horn Button? Purchase these (and many more!) handmade ceramic buttons from Sienna Orlando!

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