Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Wool Hello! (say it, it sounds funny...!)

In between the madness that is the puppy (he is very very well-behaved and sleeps about two thirds of the time, but when he's awake he likes to chew wellies, newspaper, my hair and of course he needs plenty of cuddles!), I spotted this post by Deanne of Quirky Boots appealing for donations of wool for her premature baby appeal. I wanted to share it as it's such a great project :)

Deanne is going to make premature baby hats in various colours for the babies to wear in hospital and to be given as a little present to the parents when they are able to take their babies home. She doesn't want any money, but she'd like your donations of wool - preferably organic wool as it's so soft to the touch.

She's hoping to get enough donations so that all through March she can get crocheting the hats, and if she has lots of donations then she'll continue into April and donate to another local hospital as well.

Besides the above (which I've mostly pinched from her post!), she says:
'Please share this with friends far and wide, the more wool, the more hats, the more hospitals, the more babies that have a special little gift.'

Please email her at if you would like to donate a ball of wool - mine's in the post! Thank you :)


Quirky Boots said...

aw thank you sarah for this lovely post :)

Jenevieve said...

A lovely post and a great idea! :) x

Nerys said...

This is a lovely appeal. My sister was a premie and fit in my dad's hand when she was born just like the picture. She's a thriving 26 year old now! :)

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