Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Hello there! I've mentioned my love of buttons before, in this post, but we watched the film Coraline over the weekend and although it was really really good, I found it absolutely's a good job I didn't watch it as a child! If you've never seen it, I won't spoil it, but it involves having buttons sewn in place of the characters' eyes...scary, yes?

Anyway, to alleviate my fears of buttons for eyes, and to get them back in my good books, I found these lovelies for your perusal! Click all the photos to go to their sources.

Nice, huh? Buttons are my friends again! Phew!

The second issue of my crocheting magazine hasn't yet arrived, but I have bought some beautiful autumny-coloured wool to start a project with. I haven't yet decided on the project but I'll show you in the very near future, hopefully! What would you make with these colours?

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Sarah said...

I love buttons too! You'd be surprised about Coraline - my 6 year old niece is absolutely obsessed with it. She's seen it about 20 times. Even though it's terrifying, I think there's something about the little girl triumphing over evil that makes it not all that scary in the end, or something. Or she's just way harder than I am. I should see how she fares with Japanese horror.

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