Thursday, 4 February 2010

Buy Handmade!

Today I've taken the 'Buy Handmade' pledge, which...erm...pledges to:
'buy handmade for myself and my loved ones, and request that other do the same for me'!

And in honour of this (not JUST to fuel my new crochet addiction, honest!), I've purchased this stunning handpainted wool for my next project - I'm going to crochet a cushion cover as a Valentine's gift! It'll probably turn into more of an Easter gift by the time I eventually finish it, but you never know! It's not particularly romantic, but yellow is Oliver's favourite colour and he has a forty-minute minibus ride to work in the morning so it can be a sleeping cushion (aww!)! The wool looks so soft - I'll let you know how it goes!

And here are my other little projects:

Aren't they sweet? Some of the petals are slightly larger then the rest but I don't think they're too bad for my first and second try! I'm not sure what to do with them yet...maybe sew them onto hair slides? Make them into brooches? I could crochet a cluster and add them to a tote bag perhaps!

Have you got any current projects in the works?


Chloe' said...

Y'know.. I've been buying Handmade for aages and i still havn't taken the pledge =P thankyou for reminding me!

I love the wool! It'll make a fine sleeping cushion indeed, cant wait to see it finished :o)

Your flowers are soo cute! Brooches & hair clips would look great :o) you could even attatch them to a headband? They would look really gorgeous on a bag though!

I have so many projects on the go, but today I've been making brooches and rings with leather & laura ashley fabric :o) they're new and i cant wait to show them off!

Thankyou for visiting my Blog!Daisy is such a sweet name :o) Winnifred won me over, it's my nans name too! may i borrow Daisy for a future whale? I have a little sunshine yellow one that would suit perfectly!

I hope you have a great weekend!

Chloe x

(yikes! that's not a comment. That's a novel!)

Skooks said...

Thanks for following my blog! :)

I've got so many projects in the hopper it would be RIDICULOUS to try to list them all. Here's a random sample though:
-little owl teething toy for a baby shower gift for my cousin
-more recycled t-shirt dresses, hoodies, pants, for my kiddos
-finishing the quilt I started making when I was pregnant with my son (who will be 6 months old tomorrow!)
-new table runner for the dining room
-bean bag chair for my daughter

AHH! I must stop. This could go on ALL NIGHT LONG! Better get crackin'.

P.S. I want to start learning to crochet. Is it hard? I've done some knitting in the past, but my (one) attempt at crochet was a major fail! Kinda want to try again though . . .

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