Thursday, 24 December 2009

Berlin at Christmas!

This is a mostly photographic post since it's quarter to midnight and Santa won't be dropping off any presents if he finds me still awake! I mentioned we were going to Berlin for a few days before Christmas and it was so so lovely so I thought I'd share some of Oliver's photos (mine are always taken at some kind of jaunty angle...!) to increase the festive cheer! Everywhere was lit up and adorned with Christmas decorations, and there were Christmas markets and hot Gluhwein and Apfelsaft stalls in every square, and it snowed every day!

We went to Berlin Zoo too (for those who don't agree with zoos; I don't agree with keeping animals that should be in the wild locked up either, but the vast majority of animals in zoos today were born there or somewhere they were in danger, will not survive in the wild and play an important role in educating people about their wild habitats...and I absolutely adore animals and find the chance to be near them irresistible!):

That's me popping out of the human-sized beaver's dam!

We also saw the Berlin Wall (or a bit of what's left!), Checkpoint Charlie, the Holocaust Memorial and the Brandenburg Gate (and some enormous moose decorations...I had to buy some minature ones to sate me instead!):

They also have a bit of an obsession with the Ampelmann (the little green and red men on the crossings) over there, which I cheerfully joined in with!

Merry Merry Christmas!!

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LuliBags said...

Love the Christmas tree lights. Great photos. Lx

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