Monday, 7 December 2009

We Are What We Do!

I've recently discovered We Are What We do - what a brilliant idea!

It started with Action #1 - Declining plastic bags (which resulted in the Anya Hindmarch 'I am not a plastic bag' for Sainsbury's) and has turned into a bit of a revolution! You can search through suggested actions or make your own, click to say you want to do them, click when you have done them, and then let everyone know HOW you did them! There are actions to make someone's day better, actions to improve your environment, actions to improve your workplace...the list goes on!

The actions I've just done now are:
- unplug my mobile phone charger
- turn away from my computer screen and blink
- register as an organ donor

The actions I'm going to do this evening are:
- cook a meal from scratch
- turn the tap off whilst I brush my teeth
- turn off unnecessary lights

The actions I want to do this week are:
- shop locally
- love where I live
- find out more about my food

...just for starters, but there are many many many more - it's rather addictive! Go on, give it a try...after all - You Are What You Do!

1 comment:

Pink Sherbert said...

Great suggestions and something we all should be doing. Great blog x

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