Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Well Hello!

Hey everyone! Apologies for the impromptu hiatus - I don't really have much of an excuse besides being pretty busy recently for lots of different reasons! I'm back now and full of things to ramble on at you about, so fear not, friends!

Firstly, Oliver celebrated passing his driving test by buying a car (of course!) - he's a Ford Focus that I have named Harrison (Ford - get it? ha!)...Oliver does not entirely approve of his name, but he doesn't really have a choice! Anyway, we had a little camping trip up to Whitby and Robin Hood's Bay over the weekend (so this week's missing Sound of Sunday was seagulls and sheep!) to test Harrison out!

Oh, hey there, camping hair...!

Secondly, following the craft stall, I've been trying to make as much as possible to keep my stocks up, which is not easy with an almost-full-time job and busy busy weekends, but I'm getting there! Check out these new sets of pretties:

What do you think?

This ties in with a thirdly, which is me finally setting up my Zibbet shop (what's that? you'd like to visit it? oh go on then!) - hurrah! It shouldn't have taken me nearly three months from signing up to setting up, but it's up now! Have a peek at the two new ranges I've just added over there (click images for Zibbet links)!

This one is based around locally-sourced dried flowers:

And this one nautical colours and ladybirds (aw!):

I feel a lot happier having a stock of cards rather than one-off versions - I do love my one-off ones, but it's costly to add them to both Etsy and Folksy when there's actually only one! It's nice having the back-up stock for when work and weekends become busy all of a sudden!

So although I've been a bit quiet recently, I'm definitely still here and I've been keeping up with all your lovely blogs - I've just been trying to get as much done as possible! Does anyone have any time management tips? I know a lot of you have jobs, crafty shops, kids, pets, hobbies and a million other responsibilities - how do you do it?!

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Jo said...

I love the name Harrison! I have yet to name my little beaut. I think Gina. I just like it :)
The pic over the harbour is gorge, glad you had a good camping weekend, I love Whitby.

The cards look great, I especially love the ladybird one!

I am shit at time management haha, but I find planning ahead day by day or week by week helps. I try not to plan month by month as that always feels way too overwhelming, but day by day or week by week is a lot easier... and I write a LOT of things done and plan things by the hour!

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