Friday, 6 August 2010

Folksy Friday - Stars!

Hey everyone! Gosh this has been a busy busy week - plenty to do, and plenty I've just not had chance to do! This Folksy Friday theme is inspired by my doodles...when I'm trying to get a pen to work, or sitting on the phone, or writing a list, stars are what I doodle! There have been many stars drawn this week...and here are some more!

What do you doodle?


Melissa K said...

A great Folksy Friday collection! I love that star ring, too cute!
Thanks for sharing,
Melissa xx

craftyjemima said...

Some lovely pieces in there. Especially that last one. I never doodle stars - can never get the sides equal and I'm all about the symmetry! I usually doodle flowers, or squigles, or anything that I'm thinking of making at the time.

Nerys x

Hazel said...

Hello! Thank you for including my String of Stars! I just checked my emails and let out a little 'whoop' when I read it :D

Now to read your blog! x

Jenevieve said...

I love the glass star at the beginning, so pretty!
Lovely collection of items! :-) x

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