Thursday, 12 August 2010

One Lovely Blog Award - Thank You!

What's this? Two blog posts in a row? Goodness me! I wanted to dedicate a whole post to this as a thank you to Melissa of Hand Made Me for passing on a One Lovely Blog Award to me...thank youuu!

Melissa has a beautiful crafty blog filled with her own lovely creations, inspiring photo-posts and pretty colour-themed 'found' collections - go visit her blog and Folksy shop now and find yourself in a lovely sea of calm (oh, and whilst I was writing this, Melissa, the Glee version of 'Jump' came on...I thought you'd appreciate that knowledge haha!)!

As part of the award, I think I have to tell you seven interesting things about me, so here we go...!

1. I used to swim for Leeds when I was younger, and I still adore swimming more than any other type of exercise...I love, love, love it! When I haven't been for a few days, I actually long for the feeling of swimming (and beating all the men in the pool who are convinced they are faster than me...yes, I am competitive!)...aaaah!

2. I love the colour green more than any other colour...I would have a green house if I could!

3. I really really want to learn sign language, and one day I will - I can finger spell and tell the weather...but that's it so far!

4. I obtained my goldfish Mr Fish by accident, and he is apparently fifteen years old (I'm not sure if this is true, but he definitely looks pretty wise to me!) - he is also no longer gold, but white!

5. I'm a qualified tap dancer, and although I haven't danced for a couple of years, I do still love a good shuffle-hop-step in the kitchen when I'm making a cup of tea! The other members of my family are not so impressed with this fact...

6. I love pretty much all animals, except killer whales...I do not like killer whales at all.

7. My favourite films are the Indiana Jones films (well, hey, there, Harrison the Ford!)...I even love the second one with the Most Irritating Woman In The World! I wanted to be an archaeologist from being about six years old, and very nearly took archaeology at university...I look good in a fedora! Spot the difference!

I'm not sure how interesting those were haha but I'm going to pass this on to seven new Lovely Bloggers I've found recently!

1. MessyCarla for her inspiringly bright outfits, awesome hair and very readable posts!

2. crumbs for dinner for consistently posting mouthwateringly delicious recipes - including a VERY generous helping of veggie-friendly posts!

3. But Then Feminism Happened for making me giggle with every post!

4. Color Me Katie for simply being a delight to look at!

5. elevatormusik for her beautiful outfits and jealousy-inducing accessories!

6. Pearls, lace and ruffles for her smiley photos, pretty dresses and...really nice eyelashes! What?!

7. Herbs and Dragonflies Diary for tirelessly promoting conservation in our local area (and for occasionally featuring amusing photos of me taking part!)!

Congratulations, lovelies!


pearlslaceandruffles said...

aw thank you so much! xoxo <3

Sadie said...

I love that cushion with the bow. Re: BSL, get to your local college and learn, it is really good fun.

Melissa K said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Melissa K said...

Hi Sarah,
Thank you so much for your lovely comments and including some of my cushions! How funny that some Glee came on as you were doing the post. (I think my favourite is still the Safe to Dance clip with Artie - What can I say, I'm a little obsessed!)

I love the facts and matching photos you've included in this post. That green house is really pretty. And don't worry what your family think, I think tap dancing is waaay cool! :))

I'm going to go and check out all these lovely blogs now too!

Melissa xx

hannelore_cossins said...

Wonderfully random! Cheers me up.

Kathy said...

Sarah, I never knew about your love of green!

actually, I never knew about your notgoldfish. awwww!

and I need to update the poor neglected blog.

grania said...

aww, thank you for the one lovely blog award - my very first!

green is most certainly the best colour. it's definitely my favourite!

Anonymous said...

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