Sunday, 17 October 2010

Sounds of Sunday - The Bad Shepherds!

Good evening! How are you all? I'm very aware of my almost TWO WEEK rubbish am I?! Excuses excuses - I was sick for a little while (this is big news in the Wrapped Up With String household...I never get sick!) and I've also been concentrating some SRS BSNS that may or not come to fruition over the coming months - I'll let you know! Anyway!

I'm kick-starting up again ( trusty pack of tissues alongside - aaah-chooo!) with a truly excellent (and long-time coming!) Sounds of Sunday - The Bad Shepherds! Led by Adrian Edmondson and with Troy Donockley on Uillean pipes, cittern and whistles and Andy Dinan on fiddle, they play punk music on folk instruments...and it's great! Now, my dad's been touring with them as their sound man all year, but it's taken me until October (shock) to actually see them...and I wish I'd seen them sooner!

Enjoy :)

The first one - Talking Heads - is my favourite :) what's your Sound this Sunday? What have you been up to?!

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