Friday, 22 October 2010

Folksy Friday - Storage!

Well hello there! This week has been a GIANT ORGANISING WEEK with lots of tidying, getting myself up-to-date and just generally sorting things out, and one thing that makes me sleep well at night (it's the little things, y'know!) is a lovely tidy room with all the mess away from my very clumsy feet! As a result, this week's Folksy Friday is all kinds of lovely pretty storage and tidying aids!

Aaaah that's better :)


Jackie said...

Thank you for featuring my storage jars!! Your blog is just lovely :)

(and I like a good tidy as well lol).


Jenevieve said...

All the storage ideas are lovely! :) x

Deanne said...

mmmmm i love storage and i love all that you have here lol x

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