Wednesday, 3 August 2011

My name is Sarah, and I am addicted to CSI...

I have a surprise day off tomorrow, and in celebration I am staying up too late watching American crime drama and window-online-shopping (I also crocheted a pretty headband from this pattern - I'm not having an entirely superficial evening!). But instead of buying lovely frocks and accessories that I've almost convinced myself I'll use forever, I have spent this month's extra pennies on exercise kit...a teenage me would never have seen this coming!Link
So instead, here's an August-payday wishlist, in the hope it will relieve my shopping urge!

Dress / H&M
Bag / H&M
Shoes / H&M

Dress / Monsoon

Necklace / Monsoon

LinkDress / Monsoon

Ooh, and a little update - I did my first outdoor swim! I mentioned it in my last post, and here's the proof:

Friends Garnet and Sophie on the left, little old crazy-haired me on the right!

...although I sadly have no proof of my time since my timing chip remains at the bottom of Pugney's Country Park lake *sigh* gutted! It was around 32:20, and I wanted to do it in less than 35 mins, so I'm chuffed anyway :-) and hopefully there'll be a couple more swims before the year is out - I've got the bug now! Plus Sophie keeps tempting me with new events, and I can't resist a (swimming) challenge!

I've also just jumped on the 30 Day Shred bandwagon, as seen everywhere at the moment, but particularly on the lovely Where Are My Knees? blog - I've done two days so far...fingers crossed! So my pledge is: to complete the full thirty days of the Shred, then train for the swimming events whilst watching what I eat with a view to losing 1 stone by 1st October. Wish me luck!

Where Are My Knees?

Apologies for the hiatus - working two part-time jobs seems to take it out of me so much more than one full-time one! I still read everyone's blogs at lunchtime though!

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Zoey - Daisy Gin said...

I know the feeling of two part times job destroying your soul!
Well done on the swim! I really need to get back into it all, outdoor swims are so cold but so worth it in the end!

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