Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Golly gosh...

...where have the weeks gone?! I realise I have been a DREADFUL blogger and I do apologise - life seems to have become crazy busy recently! As well as spending lots of time with Oliver and Oscar the pup, I've got a new job working for a conservation charity (eee, exciting!), but as it's part-time, I'm still doing my old job part-time too, and it's taking some organisation! We've also spent a lot of time in our garden with the recent beautiful weather - it was hidden under a layer of snow when we first moved in, and we're just discovering the potential for growing vegetables!

Optimism, eh?

Besides the commission I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I've barely had chance to get making anything new, and I feel my shops are looking rather neglected, so I've decided to close them for a little while and concentrate on my blog for the time-being! And to begin with the blog again, I should probably revisit the resolutions I made at the beginning of the year!

Resolutions Revisited

- make at least one new thing every week, and share it. Well...I HAVE been making, but not sharing, I do apologise! Most of the bits and bobs have been for the wedding commission, so they're for the bride's eyes only until the wedding day, exciting! As an aside, did you watch THE wedding? I'm not particularly fond of the royals, but I AM fond of weddings, and what a beautiful wedding it was, just lovely!

- share my Meat Free Monday meals with you. Again, I have failed! I have been making lots of Meat Free Monday meals, but the time to document and share seems to pass me by! Must try harder!
- teach myself Spanish - I have the books and the discs...the time to get working on them has so far eluded me, however - MUST TRY HARDER!

- save, save, save! This one is trickier, but I'm not doing too badly, yet!
- run a personal best half-marathon (without moaning!). I've signed up for the Bradford Half Marathon in October and I'm trying to run at least three times a week - more on that in a future post!

- find a swimming event I really want to do...and do it! I've also signed up for the Swim for All in July - I've yet to sort myself out with a wetsuit, but with plenty of advice from Sophie, I shall be hitting the water soon! Brr!
- learn to park! Erm...the less said about this one, the better! Me and Xena the Seicento have been out on a few little adventures, one of which including bumping a lamp post...ha!
- learn to knit! I've signed up for the new 'Art of Knitting' magazine, as it worked so well for crochet, and I've finished my first sample square! I'll share them as they improve!

- plan. My lists are second to none...doing what's on them remains the challenge ;-)

Well, this has turned into a right essay; I hope I've not bored you into a slumber if you're still out there! I've missed you, and I've missed blogging, and I hope I'm back for good now :) what have you been up to?!

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Dotty said...

You made me chuckle- so nice to read what you have been doing. You've been busy and sounds like you are well on your way with lots of those resolutions!
My list includes learning German, learning to play the mandolin and go kayaking- none of which I have done anything about!! I have planted seeds in a raised veg bed though:)

Quirky Boots said...

a good catch up cant wait to see your goings on again x
ps i adored watching the wedding, like you not a royal fan, but this wedding was something special wasnt it :) x

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